Hi, I'm Helder
thanks for learning more about me

Hi, I'm Helder

thanks for learning
more about me

5 Important Things That You Need to Know About Me


I'm a Virgo (I'm Very Detailed, to Say the Least)

My happiness (outside of French fries) comes from organizing things to the last detail.



I’m Extremely Happy in the Morning

Get ready for it - from as early as 6am, I’m nothing but smiles and sunshine (as annoying as it is to my love).



I'm a French Fry Connoisseur

Gimme food and I’m happy, but most especially French fries. I've tried them all from uptown to downtown, East to West. Poutine, seasoning, dips, oh my.



I Used to Buy and Sell Luxury Cars for a Living

From Portugal to Poland, I drove thousands of miles sourcing cars across Europe. You would say that I know the continent and cars like I know my french fries.



I’m an Expert Over-Thinker

Wondering if you’re bothering me with the small details? Don’t worry. I’ve already thought of them all.

I Know the Best Neighbourhoods in Toronto and the GTA

Choosing a neighbourhood is an important step in locating the ideal property. Toronto is a bustling city with distinct neighbourhoods. When deciding where to live, it's critical to consider what features are most essential to you.


Here's How We'll Work Together


Your Property

Every successful sale begins with a solid strategy. I'll walk you through everything that needs to be done to make your property appear its best. We’ll establish timelines, assign roles, and introduce you to the best third-party partner companies that you’ll need.



In an Income Property

I’m an investment property owner, so I love providing the best possible results for other property owners and investors. By leveraging my industry expertise, market knowledge, and contacts, we’ll partner together to achieve your real estate goals, now and in the future.


Sim, eu falo Português.

Você está à procura de alguém em quem possa confiar. Tenho orgulho de ser o corretor de imóveis que se preocupa com seus clientes. Eu ouço-o, dou conselhos experientes e trabalho arduamente em seu nome - do começo ao fim.

Cada transação é diferente, assim como os meus clientes, e você será tratado da mesma forma. Pode contar comigo para ser sempre honesto em cada detalhe e dar-lhe uma imagem realista do que é possível. Se  quer comprar, vender ou investir, vamos conversar. Eu gostaria de saber mais sobre você e o que tem em mente para o futuro (talvez saboreando umas batatas fritas).


Frequently Asked Questions